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First Appearance:1x01 Welcome to Haven
Audrey Parker
Episodes:All episodes
Last Appearance:Ongoing character
Current status:Living in Haven, split into two people - Mara and Audrey
Profession:As Audrey Parker: FBI Agent (Season 1)/ Police Detective (Season 2 - 5) for the Haven Police Department
As Sarah Vernon: Nurse
As Lexie DeWitt: Bartender/waitress at the Oatley Tap Room
Affliction: Seasons 1 - 4: She is able to help the Troubled suppress their Troubles. She is immune to afflictions that directly affect other people.

Season 5 (after Mara and Audrey were split into two separate people): only Mara
is immune to afflictions that directly affect other people. Mara is not immune to Duke's Troubles.

Using æther, Mara can cause someone to be Troubled, or modify their Troubles. She cannot remove Troubles. She can also activate one of Duke's dormant troubles, choosing which one to activate.
Family:Son, James Cogan; Daughter-in-law, Arla Cogan; Mother, Charlotte Cross
  • "Okay, what am I gonna do, pull out another gun?" (1x01)
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  • Emily Rose, the actress that plays Audrey, was 29 years old when the first episode aired.
  • After Audrey joins the Haven Police Department, she is referred to interchangeably as "Officer" and "Detective" in the show. This is generally not correct; an "officer" is a uniformed police officer, where a "detective" is higher-ranked and wears street clothes.
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Sarah's RingSarah's ring from 2x12. See The Rings section in Local History for more details.

One of the core mysteries of Haven, Audrey Parker is not who she appears to be. She was originally Mara, a woman who came to Haven hundreds of years ago to cause the Troubles. Each time she comes to Haven, Mara has a new name, new memories, and a new personality. None of these personalities remember any of their previous personalities, including Mara. For more information about the mysteries surrounding Audrey/Mara, please see The Mystery of Audrey Parker.

Physical Character Details:
  • She is both human and not Troubled - if Agent Howard is to be believed (3x13)
  • She is right-handed.
  • In 1983, she got a scar on the bottom of her left foot. (1x12)
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Character Details for "Mara" (Original Personality)
  • Not counting deaths caused by the Troubles, she has killed at least two people: Sam the Barrista (5x01), and Brittany the vitamin saleswoman (5x02).
  • Likes falconry, stock car racing, and fencing. (5x03)
  • Dislikes black coffee. (5x01, 5x03)
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Character Details for our Audrey Parker, unique to this Audrey (2010-2011)
  • Before Audrey leaves for Haven, she appears to be in Boston, although it's not explicitly stated. Additionally, her rental car has Massachusetts plates. (1x01) Nathan asks Audrey what she would have done if her car broke down back in Boston. (1x08) Agent Howard threatens to send Audrey "back to Boston." (1x10)
  • She didn't really have any friends in Boston. (1x08)
  • Audrey was staying at the Over the Way Bed and Breakfast (1x13) until she moved into the apartment over the Gray Gull. (2x03)
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Character Details for "Audrey Parker," memories and skills presumably based on those of the Real Audrey Parker:
  • She's from Ohio. (1x07)
  • Raised as a ward of the state. (1x01)
  • Best friend in the sixth grade was Brenda. (2x08)
  • At Audrey's third foster home, she attacked her foster father with a pair of scissors after finding out that he had been molesting one of her foster sisters. It inspired her to go into law enforcement. (2x01)
  • Audrey belonged to Camp Fire Girls, where she learned to do CPR to the tune of "I've Been Working on the Railroad." (2x01)
  • Audrey chose her middle name, Prudence, herself at the time of her confirmation. (1x09)
  • Was popular in high school. (3x12)
  • She kissed her first boy when she was eighteen. (1x09)
  • Worked two jobs while in college before going to Quantico. (1x08)
  • Has been to Santa Barbara twice - both times for the F.B.I. (1x01)
  • Can assemble a handgun very quickly. (4x02)
  • She can pick locks. (2x07)
  • Not interested in sport fishing. (1x07)
  • Her favorite singer is Ray Charles. (1x09)
  • Likes her coffee black. (5x01, 5x03)
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Character Details for "Lexie DeWitt"
  • Lexie was never actually in Haven. Audrey pretended to be Lexie for a while.
  • Born in Tucson, Arizona. (4x02)
  • She's 31 years old. (4x02)
  • Was driving across the country with a boyfriend. When they got in a fight, she stole his wallet and hitchhiked to the Oatley Tap Room. (4x02)
  • Had a boyfriend that was into bondage. (4x05)
  • Has done peyote and mescaline, both psychotropic (mind-altering) drugs derived from cacti. (4x05)
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Character Details for "Lucy Ripley"
  • She was in Haven in 1983.
  • Knows how to play the piano. (2x03) (Note: The song she plays
    is "Your Song" by Elton John, first recorded in 1970. None of her previous personalities would have known that song.)
  • Got a scar on the bottom of her right foot helping James Garrick. (1x12)
  • Mara claims that Lucy was a (sexual) tramp. (5x03)
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Character Details for "Sarah Vernon"
  • She was in Haven in 1955-1956.
  • A nurse in the Army Corps who had been in the Korean War. (3x09)

Character Details for "Veronica"
  • She was in Haven in 1901. (4x12, 5x12)
  • Mara claims that she was bisexual. (5x03)
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Character Details for Unknown Personalities
  • There should have been a personality in Haven in 1928. It's 27 years after 1901 and 27 years before 1955.
  • One personality worked at a horse ranch. (5x03)
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  • 2x01 A Tale of Two Audreys: The two Audreys discover that they share the same memories. Both Audreys call Agent Howard to inform him of the case of identity theft, but when Agent Howard arrives, it's the Real Audrey's Agent Howard. By 2x02 they have decided that this means that the other Audrey is the "real" Audrey Parker.
  • 2x06 Audrey Parker's Day Off: As Audrey finds the day repeating over and over again, on each day she has a different friend die in her arms. By the time the day finally ends, she decides that her duties in Haven are more important than having a life of her own, and encourages new boyfriend Chris Brody to make a planned trip to London.
  • 3x09 Sarah: Nathan and Duke travel back in time to 1955, meeting Sarah Vernon, Audrey's persona in that year.
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