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First Appearance:1x01 Welcome to Haven
Duke Crocker
Episodes:1x01, 1x03 - 1x05, 1x07, 1x09 - 1x13,
All Episodes in Seasons 2 - 5
Last Appearance:Ongoing character
Current Status:Living in Haven
Profession:Owner/operator of cargo boat Cape Rouge; Smuggler; Owner/operator of restaurant/bar the Grey Gull
Affliction: If he kills someone, their Trouble no longer affects their family line. If he gets the blood of a Troubled person on him, he gets a brief surge of strength and his eyes turn silver/white.

In Season 5, he has all the Troubles that his family have ever purged from other families. He only has one Trouble at a time.
Family:Estranged wife, Evi Crocker (deceased); Father, Simon (deceased); Mother; Daughter, Jean (who he can never meet); older half-brother, Wade Crocker (deceased); unnamed older brother; Grandfather, Roy Crocker (deceased)

  • "Why does everyone think that I want to help?" (2x01)
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  • Although Eric Balfour's name appears in the credits, Duke Crocker did not appear in episodes 1x02, 1x06 or 1x08.
  • Eric Balfour, the actor that plays Duke, was 33 years old when the first episode aired.
  • Duke can frequently be seen wearing a whistle necklace. It is this necklace that NatDuke's Whistlehan finds in Audrey's apartment at the end of 2x12, causing Nathan to think that Duke had something to do with Audrey's disappearance.

  • Duke in high school. (See photo at right.)Duke in High School Played by Jake Stern.

See the Local History section for information about the prediction that Duke will be killed by someone with the maze tattoo, and Duke's Legacy in connection to his family Trouble.

Duke's History
  • Duke's granfather, Roy, was featured in 3x09. He had a wife and son, Simon, who lived near Derry. His father and grandfather had also killed the Troubled, so that particular Trouble has been in the family for at least five generations.
  • Duke has no sisters, but a couple older brothers that he knows of, possibly more ... his father "liked to travel." (2x01)
  • Wade and Duke share the same father but different mothers. (4x02)
  • Duke's mother wasn't around much when he was growing up. After his father died when he was eight, she used his father's house as a flophouse (a cheap rooming house), and when the state closed that, she left. She appeared to get state welfare checks, but didn't do much else. He's only seen her once, a few years ago, since he turned eighteen and the welfare checks stopped. She was a drug addict and didn't recognize him. (5x08)
  • Duke's father drowned at sea. Duke was there when it happened. (2x01)
  • Nathan and Duke have known each other since they were five. (1x01)
  • Nathan and Duke were in Little League together. James Garrick was their coach. (1x12)
  • Duke and his brother Wade were present when Nathan sledded into a tree and activated his Trouble in 1983. Wade threw up, and Duke carried Nathan to the hospital. (4x02)
  • Duke and Julia Carr have known each other at least since they were teenagers, possibly longer. (1x09)
  • Duke always wanted a Chrome Lightning snow disc for Christmas. Although they are no longer made, he now co-owns one with Nathan. (2x13)
  • Duke lived on his own (a runaway?) when he was young; probably a teen. (2x08) His mother had abandoned him, and he didn't report it to the state so he wouldn't have to live in foster care. (5x08)
  • Duke sold bootleg liquor to other students under the bleachers at school. (5x08)
  • Duke attended Haven High School. He stole a snake from biology and put it in Robbie Taylor's locker. (3x12)
  • Duke has a "rap sheet" (a criminal record) going back a long way. (1x11)
  • A friend of Duke's blackmails him with just the name "Vice Principal Delores Bachman", and Duke hotly retorts "that was a sympathy ..." yes, Duke? (2x02)
  • Duke's boat is the Cape Rouge (1x11), it says "Ryan Atlantic II" on the back (2x01); as Evi's last name is Ryan, there's probably a connection.
  • Duke won the Cape Rouge from Ray Feigler on his twenty-first birthday. His father bought the boat and gave it to Ray to lose to Duke. (2x11)
  • Duke's friend Jody says that he's seen some awful things in relation to the McLaren job and New Orleans. (5x03)
  • Duke owes money to John Draft, currently a resident of Shawshank Prison. (1x13)
  • Duke and Dave Teagues apparently share a secret based on Oprah Winfrey (4x01)
  • Duke and Officer Rebecca Rafferty had a relationship years ago, apparently involving role-playing a judge and a D.A. (5x06)
  • Duke's daughter, Jean, was placed with a family in Nebraska. (1x05)
  • Duke's brother, Wade, was the one family member he could stand to spend time with. (4x08)
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Duke's Personality and Skills
  • Duke is left-handed.
  • He's a Bhuddist. More or less. (1x09)
  • Duke has a large tattoo covering his left shoulder. (1x03, 1x11) and a medium-sized one on his right shoulder. (1x03) (I can't make out what it is. Readers?)
  • He's reading an Asian-langage newspaper. (1x01) He speaks at least a little Japanese. (1x11) He speaks a few sentences of a language (possibly Greek?) to an associate. (1x04) He knows some Latin. (2x04)
  • Duke's pretty fastidious as a restaurant proprietor. His rule is everything that gets washed gets polished. (1x12) However, he's not above pouring cheap liquor into bottles of expensive liquor. (4x03)
  • Although he doesn't have a pilot's license, Duke can fly a seaplane. (5x13)
  • Duke likes freediving, a form of diving that requires the diver to hold their breath. (5x10)
  • He has a secret oyster farm. (3x03)
  • He's been known to sell marijuana. (4x06)
  • Duke "goes commando" (doesn't wear underwear.) (5x06)
  • Duke seems to have a lot of parking tickets, and paying them is not a priority. (1x07, 2x09, 2x13) He goes to court for them in 3x05.
  • He doesn't like team sports. (2x06) Specifically, hockey. (3x07)
  • Duke plays the ukelele, at least a little. (3x08)
  • Duke has a pet iguana. Or at least, he has an iguana tank. (2x11)
  • Duke likes watching the cable TV network Animal Planet. (4x03)
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  • 1x05 Ball and Chain: After a one-night stand, Duke starts rapidly aging. Audrey eventually figures out that the woman that Duke slept with is Troubled, giving birth to a child two days after conceiving it. The father's proximity to the child causes him to die of old age. Duke is saved, but he can never see his daughter again.
  • 2x12 Sins of the Fathers: Duke encounters the ghost of his dead father, who tells him about the family affliction, and tells Duke that it's his duty to kill the Troubled.
  • 4x07 Lay Me Down: Duke slowly comes to the realization that his brother, Wade, has been killing Troubled people. While defending Jennifer, Duke kills Wade, and in the process gets rid of his own Trouble.
  • 5x05 The Old Switcharoo, Part 1 & 5x06 The Old Switcharoo, Part 2: Nathan and Duke swap bodies.
  • 5x08 Exposure: Duke talks to Mara about his mother.
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