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Information about the Barn, and what it has to do with Audrey Parker and the Troubles. Includes clues about Jennifer's connection to the Barn.

See also separate pages about the Mystery of Audrey Parker and the Colorado Kid here in the Mythology section.

Summary of Information to Date

Detailed Information from Each Episode

2x03 Love Machine

The real Audrey Parker finds a notation in the book "Unsteak My Heart" that Agent Howard left behind. It says "Happy B-Day
44 2 65 / 68 7 86". She identifies the numbers as GPS coordinates as a remote spit of land 10 miles up the coast called Kick 'Em Jenny Neck, which Duke describes as "far." She
goes to the location from the coordinates and finds a barn. Entering it, she says "What the Hell?" and the viewers see no more, but Duke later finds her wandering the area with amnesia.
When Nathan and Audrey go to the same site, there's a patch of dead grass where the barn used to be.

3x04 Over My Head
Audrey starts having memories of being Lucy at the site of the Colorado Kid murder. She has a dream/memory/vision of seeing the Colorado Kid dead on the pier, of Agent Howard coming out of a barn (that looks like the barn where the Real Audrey Parker lost her memory) and warning her to stop remembering.

3x08 Magic Hour, Part 2
Vince and Dave realize the Bolt Gun Killer didn't have to break into their cabinet with his signature weapon (back in 3x02), and speculate that he was after something else in their office. They figure out that a key to their fishing shack was duplicated. Going to the shack, they are captured by Tommy, who claims that the fishing shack brings back memories. He questions them about the location of the Colorado Kid and "the Barn." He says he wants to go there. Vince tells him that only one person ever goes to the barn, and it comes for her. Tommy concludes that he means Audrey.

Later, Vince s
ees the Barn on an island near the Grey Gull. He looks again but it's not there any more. When Audrey asks, he just says that everything's as it should be.

3x10 Burned
Jordan reveals that she knows that when Audrey disappears, she goes into the Barn and both she and it disappear, taking the Troubles with them. She says that it's much more than a barn. Last time, when Audrey was Lucy Ripley, she tried to avoid the Barn and run away, and she almost succeeded. Jordan knows about it because the Guard have been around for a long time.

3x12 Reunion
Twenty-seven years ago, Arla went to the Guard and wanted their help to bring the Barn back. They couldn't help her.

Arla says she wants to be with Audrey when Audrey goes into the Barn.
She knows that, when Audrey goes into the Barn, the Troubles stop. Vince and Dave believe that only Audrey can stop the Troubles by going into the Barn, but Arla says that James told her that he and Lucy found a way to permanently end the Troubles without Lucy having to go into the Barn.

Arla says that James Cogan is in the Barn, and that Lucy brought him there. Lucy brought James to the Barn after he died because the Barn's restorative powers, the same powers that keep Audrey alive, would bring James back. Lucy originally promised to bring Arla into the Barn too, but when she found out that Arla killed someone, she went into the Barn alone with James, which then disappeared.

Arla tells Audrey that if she doesn't go into the Barn that Audrey and everyone she loves would die. (It's not clear if this is just a threat, or some sort of foreknowledge.)

The Barn appears, and Agent Howard and James Cogan come out of it. Overhead, the meteor storm begins.

3x13 Thanks for the Memories

Agent Howard tells Audrey to think of him as her ride. He drops her off and, when the time is right, picks her up again. The Barn comes when she's looking for it; when she's ready. She has to want to go in and to go away in order for it to disappear for twenty-seven years and for the Troubles to go with them. But if she doesn't go in, the sky will fall until Haven and everyone she loves in it are destroyed.

After he is outside the Barn for a while, James becomes ill and feverish. He may not be able to survive outside of the Barn.

The Troubles don't work inside the Barn.

When inside the Barn, Agent Howard has Nathan and Audrey watch two of Sarah's memories. The first was from 1956, when Dave, Vince and Sarah tried to blow up the Barn without success. Agent Howard is there in his Army Captain identity. The second was from 1955, when Nathan and Sarah slept together. Audrey and Nathan both discover that Nathan is James' father.

Nathan and James meet in the Barn. James tells Nathan that he came to Haven looking for his mother, Sarah, but found Lucy instead. She'd just found out that she was about to disappear. They found out that the only way to keep Lucy out of the Barn was for James to die. Arla told him that the day he was scheduled to leave Haven, someone snuck up on him and bashed him in the head, killing him. She said it was Lucy.

Jordan, Kirk and other members of the Guard appear at the Barn to insure that Audrey stays there. Vince arrives and orders them to leave, and they do. Vince is the head of the Guard. (Kirk knew, but Jordan didn't.) He causes the maze tattoo to appear and disappear from his arm as proof.

In the Barn, Arla tries to stab Audrey, but stabs James instead. Then she tries to stab Audrey again, but Audrey stabs her in self defense. Arla is apparently dead, but Audrey has Nathan take her outside the Barn in case it might revive her. James disappears, and Agent Howard says that he is healing.

Agent Howard tells Audrey to think of the Barn as an amplifier. It amplifies her energy, and keeps the Troubles at bay. Every twenty-seven years, her energies run low, and that's when the Troubles start. She has to leave the Barn and recharge on love before she can go back into the Barn and the Troubles can stop again. He reassures her that she is very human. He also says that she is not Troubled. He confirms that killing someone she loves will end the Troubles permanently, and agrees that it seems like a punishment.

When Audrey says that she wants James to have a life, Howard replies that it's not possible, he belongs in the Barn like his mother.

Audrey says her goodbyes and goes into the Barn voluntarily. Jordan shoots Nathan, Nathan shoots Agent Howard, and Duke shoots Jordan. Both Jordan and Agent Howard are prone, and possibly dead. Agent Howard's body and the Barn start emitting streaks of a bright white light. Agent Howard's body disappears and the Barn starts collapsing, absorbing Arla's body into it. Nathan encourages Duke to follow Audrey, and Duke leaps into the Barn just as it implodes. Overhead, the meteor storm increases in intensity as more meteors strike the ground around Haven.

4x01 Fallout
Duke is in the Barn for what seems like a couple minutes, where he sees projections of Audrey's memories as bits of masonry fall and holes appear in the Barn. He falls though a hole in the floor to appear in Boston, six months after he went into the Barn. His memories appear to be intact. He theorizes that time passes differently in the Barn, and that's why Audrey doesn't age between her visits to Haven.

A woman in Boston, Jennifer Mason, appears to be able to hear what people say in the Barn. Her Trouble was apparently triggered, not by a traumatic event in her own life, but during the events of the Season 3 finale.

There is no obvious indication of what has happened to James, Arla, or Agent Howard.

4x03 Bad Blood
Willaim reveals to Audrey(Lexie) that the bar is actually the Barn, and that none of the other people in the bar are real. Meanwhile, Jennifer starts hearing sounds from the Barn.

William tells Audrey that the Barn is dying, and she needs to get out before it takes her with it. The walls of the bar start disintegrating into space, like the holes that Duke saw when he was in the Barn.

4x04 Lost and Found
William describes the Barn as a space between two worlds. He says that it was built for Audrey, that it's dying, that she has to concentrate to find the door to the Barn, and if she's in it when it dies, she'll cease to exist. Jennifer is able to hear the conversation.

Dave gets a book from "the Room." Vince later mentions this as the Archives. The door that Audrey's supposed to come out of bothers him. Later, he tries to keep Jennifer from opening the Haven-side door becuase it could unleash powers far beyond our control.

William says that Jennifer has a connection to the Barn.

When both the Barn-side door and the Haven-side door are opened, they open onto a stormy cloudscape that William describes as a barrier between two worlds. It takes a "leap of faith" to go from one door to the other.

4x05 The New Girl
Jennifer mentions that she can't hear the Barn any more.

4x07 Lay Me Down
A woman with a dream Trouble is mugged by the Sinister Man and his large companion, who were last seen threatening William and Lexie in the Barn. The last thing she remembers is a strange sensation on her back. A few days later, her Trouble is augmented, affecting other people when normally it just affects her. Later, Audrey can see a handprint on the woman's back that nobody else can see.

Vince, Dave, and Jennifer discover that the man who arranged for Jennifer to be adopted was Agent Howard.

4x08 Crush
Vince does more research into Jennifer's past, sharing the results with her. Knowing that Agent Howard arranged her adoption, he discovers that she was born to one of six Haven families. She visits the families and narrows it down to Steve and Anne Brooks. Although they've moved so she doesn't meet them, she gets a box of their stuff, including a copy of the book "Unstake My Heart."

Jack and Aiden Driscoll only developed their Trouble after being accosted by two men, leaving Jack with a handprint on his back that only Audrey can see. We don't know if these are the two from the Barn, but Nathan was going to have Vince and Dave compare witness sketches. We don't see the results.

4x09 William
Audrey identifies sketches of the two men that abducted Carrie Benson (in 4x07) as the two men she knows from the Barn. When Sinister Man threatens Dwight, he implies that he can give Dwight a second Trouble.

Dave concludes that the two men from the Barn were able to come to Haven because the soft spot between worlds has been torn open.

The Lighthouse
William remembers the day Mara was dragged to the Barn, screaming for him to save her, while he was banished. He also says Agent Howard is nothing like them.


A directory with all of Haven's story arcs can be found in the Mythology section of the Haven Public Library.

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