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A collection of information about the Bolt Gun Killer, a skinwalker impersonating different people in Season 3.

More information about Arla Cogan, Tommy Bowen, and Claire Callahan can be found in the Biography section.

Summary of Information to Date

The Bolt Gun Killer and the mystery of their identity and goal was a story arc that took place in Season 3.

In 1983, James Cogan and his wife Arla came to Haven, hoping to track down James' biological mother, Sarah Vernon (Audrey's 1955-56 persona). Instead they found Lucy Ripley (Audrey's 1983 persona). James was killed under mysterious circumstances, becoming known as the Colorado Kid. Lucy and Arla planned to take James' body into the Barn when it appeared, hoping it would regenerate him. But James' murder triggered Arla's Trouble, and the day after he was killed, her skin started coming off in strips. Arla killed a young woman and took her skin to use it as her own. After finding out that Arla had killed someone, Lucy took James' body to the Barn without Arla, and they all disappeared for the next twenty-seven years.

In 2010, Arla starts murdering people with a bolt gun. She has three different types of victims. The first type of victim is people she kills to take their entire skin, impersonate them, and try to find out what Audrey knows about James and where he is. Arla kidnaps Audrey and impersonates Rosalyn Toomey, pretending to be a fellow captive. Later she kills and impersonates Tommy Bowen, a Haven police officer; Grady Moore, a member of the Guard; and Claire Callahan, Audrey's psychiatrist friend.

The second type of victim is women who she kills to take specific parts of their bodies - she kills at least eight women for body parts such as their nose, scalp, chin, and lips. Once she has all the right body parts, she assembles them and wears the assembled skin so that she can look like herself again from the time James was killed.

Her third type of victim is people who might stop her from achieving her ultimate goal of reuniting with James. When she's impersonating Tommy Bowen, she kills Nathan when he discovers that "Tommy" is the Bolt Gun Killer - fortunately for Nathan, the Trouble of the week is a resurrection Trouble. She also kills an employee of Duke's that he asked to bodyguard Audrey.

Audrey puts together the clues from the Bolt Gun Killer case to figure out that the Bolt Gun Killer is really Arla. Arla is reunited with James when the Barn reappears, but Audrey tells him that Arla has killed many people, and he is appaled. Arla reacts to his rejection violently, and in the ensuing scuffle, both James and Arla are stabbed and possibly dead. James' body disappears, and Agent Howard tells Audrey that he is healing. After Nathan takes Arla outside to see if that will help her, her body is leaning against the Barn and disappears when the Barn implodes after Nathan shoots Agent Howard. Later, inside the Barn, we see that the Barn is falling apart, and Audrey barely makes it out, and we have no idea what happened to Arla, James, or the Barn after that.

Detailed Information from Each Episode

3x01 301
After Audrey is captured, Audrey's captor wants to know where the Colorado Kid is. He doesn't buy Audrey's explanation that the Colorado Kid died twenty-seven years ago. He knows that Audrey was the same person that knew the Colorado Kid back then. He asks Audrey if she thinks that she's the only one that loved the Colorado Kid.

Nathan and Dwight dig up the Colorado Kid's grave while Audrey, Vince and Dave watch. The coffin is filled with bricks. Audrey wonders if the Colorado Kid could still be alive, but Dave assures her he's not. Inside the coffin is the message "find him before the Hunter," in Audrey's handwriting. A mysterious figure watches them through binoculars.

3x02 Stay
Vince finds out that the autopsy on Rosalyn Toomey, the woman killed by Audrey's abductor, shows that she was killed by a bolt gun, a device used to kill livestock. Later, someone uses a bolt gun to break into a cupboard at the Herald.

3x03 The Farmer
Audrey, Nathan and Dr. Lucassi discuss the corpse of a woman who was killed with a bolt gun, the same as Rosalyn. She had her nose surgically removed.

Someone breaks into Tommy's hotel room while he is there. He points a gun at the opening door. Later, he talks to an unknown person on the phone, saying that Donovan sent someone to kill him, so he's done and he's staying in Haven, because returning to Boston will get him killed. He then buries a body wrapped in a tarp in a shallow grave.

3x04 Over My Head
An ATM videotape shows Mary Smith being killed with a bolt gun by someone with the Maze Tattoo on his arm. She was also scalped. Later, we see the Bolt Gun Killer brushing her hair, although we don't see who he is.

Nathan starts investigating the Guard, since many of them have the same tattoo as the Bolt Gun Killer.

More information about Nathan's investigation can be found in the Maze Tattoo section.

3x05 Double Jeopardy
Audrey tells Nathan that she's contacted the F.B.I., asking for any files they have that might match the Bolt Gun Killer. Later, she gets a report on the killing six weeks ago of a woman who was killed with a bolt gun and her chin was removed. Audrey concludes that the Bolt Gun killer is building a woman. We catch a glimpse of the Bolt Gun Killer stitching parts together, showing that Audrey is right.

3x06 Real Estate
Tommy tells Audry that he knows what it's like to have a past that you're running from.

Jordan finds out that Nathan is investigating the Guard because of the Bolt Gun Killer. She claims that she won't tell them.

3x07 Magic Hour
Jordan reports to Nathan that her friend Grady, a member of the Guard, went missing a few weeks back. The Guard apparently helps people across the country. Later, she identifies the watch in the photo (from the ATM footage in 3x04) of the Bolt Gun Killer's arm as belonging to Grady.

A Troubled refugee says the last place he saw Grady was on Route 17, but the police showed up and the refugee ran. He didn't see what happened to Grady. Later, Jordan and Dwight find what they assume is Grady's body at the same place.

Nathan discovers that Tommy used his GPS to get to Route 17, where Grady was killed. Later, he finds a bolt gun in Tommy's trunk, and Tommy confesses to being the Bolt Gun Killer right before he kills Nathan.

3x08 Magic Hour, Part 2
Vince and Dave speculate that if the Bolt Gun Killer finds out that Audrey went to Colorado and found out about James Cogan, then he'll think she has new information and will go after her again.

Vince and Dave realize the Bolt Gun Killer didn't have to break into their cabinet with his signature weapon (back in 3x02), and speculate that he was after something else in their office. They figure out that a key to their fishing shack was duplicated. Going to the shack, they are captured by Tommy, who claims that the fishing shack brings back memories. He questions them about the location of the Colorado Kid and "the Barn." He says he wants to go there. Vince tells him that only one person ever goes to the barn, and it comes for her. Tommy concludes that he means Audrey.

Tommy's blood triggers Duke's surge-of-strength Trouble, so Tommy is evidently Troubled.

Tommy is apparently killed when the boat he's in explodes after Audrey and Nathan shoot at it. His body isn't found.

Nathan notes that it wasn't Tommy in the video of the woman being killed by the Bolt Gun Killer - the skin color wasn't the same.

3x10 Burned

A body is found buried in the woods, dead about two months, and burned beyond recognition. Audrey notes that both Rosalyn Toomey and Grady were burned after the Bolt Gun Killer killed them. Dental records show that the body was that of Tommy Bowen. Audrey observes that Tommy only died a couple weeks ago, when the speedboat exploded. Whoever Audrey and Nathan were working with, it wasn't the real Tommy Bowen.

Forensic evidence from the body leads Audrey and Nathan to an abandoned factory, where they find tanks (like fishtanks) containing the skins of Tommy Bowen, Grady, and possibly Rosalyn Toomey. There is also an empty tank. Nathan mentions a local Native American legend about a "skinwalker", who wears skin like a suit. He guesses the legend is based on a Trouble. They decide that the skinwalker is using another skin, and it could be anyone.

3x11 Last Goodbyes

Audrey and Nathan gather Duke, Claire and the Teagues in the abandoned factory (seen at the end of the previous episode) and tell them that the Bolt Gun Killer is a skinwalker, and they suspect it is one of their circle, so it could watch Audrey and find out what they know. Outside the factory, Dr. Lucassi and another cop with a dog find the buried bodies of at least three women.

Audrey questions Claire to figure out if she is the skinwalker. Then they both question Duke, Nathan and the Teagues brothers. Everyone seems to be themselves.

Later, we see that there are five bodies at the factory. One of them is identified as Erin Sullivan, who had her lips removed. Will Brady remembers that he and Erin were attacked by the Bolt Gun Killer, and he told her to "hush" before he killed her.

Audrey and Claire are talking about their friends and the Bolt Gun Killer when Claire mentions that the skinwalker questioned the Teagues about the barn. But the Teagues didn't mention that to anyone. Audrey starts babbling to cover her suspicions, and Claire tells her to "hush." Claire then pulls a gun on Audrey and asks what gave her away.

3x12 Reunion
The skinwalker, while wearing Claire's skin, tells Audrey that she killed Claire a few days ago, and that Audrey's son knows how to stop the Troubles.

Audrey uses police facial reconstruction software to assemble pictures of the pieces of women that the Bolt Gun Killer took. The resulting photo is exactly the same as Arla Cogan, the Colorado Kid's wife (as seen in his wedding photo in 3x07.) Then we see the skinwalker put on a stitched-together face, and her face becomes Arla Cogan's, with no visible stitching.

The day after the Colorado Kid died, a young woman went missing. Months later, her burned body was found near the Teagues' fishing shack. The Teagues believe she was the first victim of the skinwalker, and that's why Tommy was familiar with their fishing shack.

Arla says that James Cogan is in the Barn, and that Lucy brought him there. Lucy brought James to the Barn after he died because the Barn's restorative powers, the same powers that keep Audrey alive, would bring James back. Lucy originally promised to bring Arla into the Barn too, but when she found out that Arla killed someone, she went into the Barn alone with James, which then disappeared.

3x13 Thanks for the Memories
Nathan and James meet in the Barn. James tells Nathan that he came to Haven looking for his mother, Sarah, but found Lucy instead. She'd just found out that she was about to disappear. They found out that the only way to keep Lucy out of the Barn was for James to die. Arla told him that the day he was scheduled to leave Haven, someone snuck up on him and bashed him in the head, killing him. She said it was Lucy.

James finds out that Arla is a mass murderer. Arla tells him that she made herself look young for him. He is appalled. he realizes that Arla lied, and Lucy didn't kill him. He thought she did because Lucy said that killing someone she loved was the only way to end the Troubles forever.

In the Barn, Arla tries to stab Audrey, but stabs James instead. Then she tries to stab Audrey again, but Audrey stabs her in self defense. Arla is apparently dead, but Audrey has Nathan take her outside the Barn in case it might revive her. James disappears, and Agent Howard says that he is healing.

Audrey says her goodbyes and goes into the Barn voluntarily. Jordan shoots Nathan, Nathan shoots Agent Howard, and Duke shoots Jordan. Both Jordan and Agent Howard are prone, and possibly dead. Agent Howard's body and the Barn start emitting streaks of a bright white light. Agent Howard's body disappears and the Barn starts collapsing, absorbing Arla's body into it. Nathan encourages Duke to follow Audrey, and Duke leaps into the Barn just as it implodes. Overhead, the meteor storm increases in intensity as more meteors strike the ground around Haven.


A directory
with all of Haven's story arcs can be found in the Mythology section of the Haven Public Library.

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