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A collection of information about the Colorado Kid, his identity, and his 1983 murder.

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Summary of Information to Date

One of the mysteries that Audrey was first presented with when she arrived in Haven was the 1983 murder of the Colorado Kid. Although it was a headline news story in the Haven Herald at the time, information about the incident was surprisingly hard to find - evidence was missing, memories of that morning were literally wiped out, and anyone who did know anything wasn't talking. However, over time, Audrey came to find out that the Colorado Kid was really James Cogan, her own son from when she was Sarah Vernon in 1955-56, fathered by Nathan when he time traveled back to 1955. Sarah gave James up for adoption to the Cogans in Colorado. James came back to Haven in 1983 looking for his birth parents, but found Lucy (Audrey's 1983 persona) instead. We still don't know what happened that day on the beach where his body was found - how or why he was killed, in part because nobody remembers what happened on the beach that morning. This may have something to do with Dave being pulled into a portal into another world and re-emerging on the beach with the body that morning, his memories of the other world wiped clean.

When it was time for Lucy to leave Haven a few days after James was killed, she brought James' body with her to the Barn, hoping that its mysterious powers would restore him to life. Her hopes were rewarded, and James emerged from the Barn for a short time in 2010 to reunite with his wife, Arla. He fell ill soon after leaving the Barn, leading to speculation that he may not be able to survive outside of it. He discovered that Arla was a mass murderer and he was stabbed, possibly fatally, in the subsequent scuffle, and was in the Barn healing when Nathan shot Agent Howard, causing both Agent Howard and the Barn to implode. Arla had also been shot and killed in the scuffle outside the Barn, and her body was resting against the Barn and disappeared with the Barn when the Barn imploded. Although Audrey and Duke both survived in the Barn after this event, the Barn was falling apart when Audrey left it and we don't know what happened to either the Barn or James after Audrey left.

Detailed Information from Each Episode

Who Killed the Colorado Kid?Opening Credits
On May 28, 1983, the Haven Herald headline reads "Who Killed the Colorado Kid?"

1x01 Welcome to Haven
Vince says Audry looks familiar. Later, the Teagues brothers present Audrey with a newspaper clipping about the Colorado Kid murder, saying that the story is from the archives 27 years ago. A woman in the photo looks just like Audrey.

Nathan mentions that Chief Wuornos was a beat cop on the Colorado Kid murder, and he never solved it.

1x02 Butterfly
Chief Wuornos was the cop in the Colorado Kid photo. When Audrey questions him about it, he just says that it was a long time ago.

Chief Wuornos gets the evidence box from the Colorado Kid murder for Audrey, but it's empty.

Audrey notices that the Colorado Kid picture was taken around the time of the Troubles in 1983, and thinks they might be related.

1x05 Ball and Chain
Audrey asks the Teagues brothers if they thought the woman in the Colorado Kid picture could be Lucy, but they avoid the question. Vince seems eager to talk about it later.

1x09 As You Were
Duke gives Audrey a pendant with the initials LR on it. He tells her that it was given to him by Lucy Ripley, and that he was the boy standing next to Lucy in the Colorado Kid photo.

1x10 The Hand You're Dealt
Duke and Audrey discuss her disappointment that Duke didn't tell her earlier that he's the boy in the Colorado Kid photo. He tells her that he doesn't remember anything from that morning.

Duke's former babysitter, Vanessa Stanley, was also in the Colorado Kid photo. (The teenager behind the man with the camera.) She also doesn't remember a thing about what happened.

Audrey says that the death of the Colorado Kid is still a mystery; they don't know who he was or how he died.

Duke finds out that Morris Crane was the photographer in the Colorado Kid picture. (The one in the picture, not the one that took it.) Audrey and Duke go to visit him, but he's completely crazy.

Julia says that Eleanor was training in the M.E.'s office when the Colorado Kid murder happened; Eleanor worked on the autopsy and took notes. Later, Audrey and Julia look at the notes, but don't say anything about what's in them.

Vanessa remembers a vision of how the Colorado Kid died. An arm, with the Maze Tattoo, belonging to a pale man reached toward the Colorado Kid's face. She did not see the tattooed man's face. Later, she tells Duke that she has a vision of Duke dying in the same way - with a tattooed arm reaching for him.

1x13 Spiral
Chief Wuornos suspected Max Hansen of killing the Colorado Kid, but couldn't prove it.

Audrey asks Duke again about the day of the Colorado Kid murder, but he just reiterates that he doesn't remember anything.

2x03 Love Machine
Talking about the Real Audrey's amnesia, Duke says "It's like the day we found the Colorado Kid. None of us remember anything."

2x07 The Tides That Bind
Gwen Glendower tells Audrey that Lucy was only in Haven a few months; she worked with Garland Wuornos, and they helped people nobody else could help. She suddenly appeared one day and was just as suddenly gone another (a couple days after the Colorado Kid murder), and didn't say where she was going. The day on the beach in the Colorado Kid picture was the only day anyone ever saw her cry.

3x01 301
After Audrey is captured, Audrey's captor wants to know where the Colorado Kid is. He doesn't buy Audrey's explanation that the Colorado Kid died twenty-seven years ago. He knows that Audrey was the same person that knew the Colorado Kid back then. He asks Audrey if she thinks that she's the only one that loved the Colorado Kid.

Rosalyn Toomey tells Audrey that the Colorado Kid stayed at the Altair Bay Inn years ago.

Vince was one of the people that buried the Colorado Kid. He was buried in Potter's Field, plot 301.

Nathan and Dwight dig up the Colorado Kid's grave while Audrey, Vince and Dave watch. The coffin is filled with bricks. Audrey wonders if the Colorado Kid could still be alive, but Dave assures her he's not. Inside the coffin is the message "find him before the Hunter," in Audrey's handwriting. A mysterious figure watches them through binoculars.

3x04 Over My Head
Audrey starts having memories of being Lucy at the site of the Colorado Kid murder. She has a dream/memory/vision of seeing the Colorado Kid dead on the pier, of Agent Howard coming out of a barn (that looks like the barn where the Real Audrey Parker lost her memory) and warning her to stop remembering.

3x05 Double Jeopardy
Claire convinces Audrey to use police facial reconstruction software to build a composite drawing based on Audrey's memory of the Colorado Kid, but she doesn't finish.

3x06 Real Estate
Audrey finishes her Colorado Kid composite sketch and runs it through several missing persons databases, without results.

Audrey has memories/visions of investigating the Holloway House as Lucy in 1983 with the Colorado Kid, and discovers his name was James. Audrey has a nosebleed after one of her visions, and Claire says future flashbacks could kill her.

Audrey adds the name "James" to her missing persons search and finds out that the Colorado Kid's name was James Cogan. She doesn't say any more about him.

The missing persons flyer for James Cogan lists his date of birth as August 31, 1956 and the date he was last seen as May 3, 1983.

3x07 Magic Hour
Audrey finds out that Paul and June Cogan of Nederland, Colorado were the parents of James Cogan, the Colorado Kid. Paul passed away six months ago. Audrey goes to Colorado with Duke to talk to June.

Paul and June Cogan's boarding house in Nederland, Colorado, now acts as a Guard safehouse for the Troubled, with the maze tattoo symbol on the front porch.

Duke and Audrey look at June Cogan's photos of James Cogan's life. They discover that James Cogan married a woman named Arla in 1983. She killed herself when James went missing.

June Cogan, suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, tells Audrey (disguised as Sarah) that James was Sarah's son. Sarah left him
with June to keep him safe.

3x08 Magic Hour, Part 2
Vince and Dave realize the Bolt Gun Killer didn't have to break into their cabinet with his signature weapon (back in 3x02), and speculate that he was after something else in their office. They figure out that a key to their fishing shack was duplicated. Going to the shack, they are captured by Tommy, who claims that the fishing shack brings back memories. He questions them about the location of the Colorado Kid and "the Barn." He says he wants to go there. Vince tells him that only one person ever goes to the barn, and it comes for her. Tommy concludes that he means Audrey.

Audrey tells Claire, but not Nathan, that the Colorado Kid was her son. Vince already knew, but doesn't know who the father was. Sarah never said.

3x09 Sarah
The day that Nathan is in 1955, he becomes romantically involved with Sarah.

When Nathan gets back to 2010,
Audrey tells Nathan that the Colorado Kid was her son.

3x12 Reunion
The skinwalker, while wearing Claire's skin, tells Audrey that she killed Claire a few days ago, and that Audrey's son knows how to stop the Troubles.

Audrey uses police facial reconstruction software to assemble pictures of the pieces of women that the Bolt Gun Killer took. The resulting photo is exactly the same as Arla Cogan, the Colorado Kid's wife (as seen in his wedding photo in 3x07.) Then we see the skinwalker put on a stitched-together face, and her face becomes Arla Cogan's, with no visible stitching.

Duke says that after James died, nobody in Colorado ever saw Arla again.

The day after the Colorado Kid died, a young woman went missing. Months later, her burned body was found near the Teagues' fishing shack. The Teagues believe she was the first victim of the skinwalker, and that's why Tommy was familiar with their fishing shack.

Arla says she wants to be with Audrey when Audrey goes into the Barn.
She knows that, when Audrey goes into the Barn, the Troubles stop. Vince and Dave believe that only Audrey can stop the Troubles by going into the Barn, but Arla says that James told her that he and Lucy found a way to permanently end the Troubles without Lucy having to go into the Barn.

Arla says that James Cogan is in the Barn, and that Lucy brought him there. Lucy brought James to the Barn after he died because the Barn's restorative powers, the same powers that keep Audrey alive, would bring James back. Lucy originally promised to bring Arla into the Barn too, but when she found out that Arla killed someone, she went into the Barn alone with James, which then disappeared.

The Barn appears, and Agent Howard and James Cogan come out of it. Overhead, the meteor storm begins.

3x13 Thanks for the Memories
Agent Howard says that, arriving in Haven, James Cogan had no idea how much time had passed. James apparently still has all of his memories through 1983.

After he is outside the Barn for a while, James becomes ill and feverish. He may not be able to survive outside of the Barn.

When inside the Barn, Agent Howard has Nathan and Audrey watch two of Sarah's memories. The first was from 1956, when Dave, Vince and Sarah tried to blow up the Barn without success. Agent Howard is there in his Army Captain identity. The second was from 1955, when Nathan and Sarah slept together. Audrey and Nathan both discover that Nathan is James' father.

Nathan and James meet in the Barn. James tells Nathan that he came to Haven looking for his mother, Sarah, but found Lucy instead. She'd just found out that she was about to disappear. They found out that the only way to keep Lucy out of the Barn was for James to die. Arla told him that the day he was scheduled to leave Haven, someone snuck up on him and bashed him in the head, killing him. She said it was Lucy.

James finds out that Arla is a mass murderer. Arla tells him that she made herself look young for him. He is appalled. he realizes that Arla lied, and Lucy didn't kill him. He thought she did because Lucy said that killing someone she loved was the only way to end the Troubles forever.

In the Barn, Arla tries to stab Audrey, but stabs James instead. Then she tries to stab Audrey again, but Audrey stabs her in self defense. Arla is apparently dead, but Audrey has Nathan take her outside the Barn in case it might revive her. James disappears, and Agent Howard says that he is healing.

When Audrey says that she wants James to have a life, Howard replies that it's not possible, he belongs in the Barn like his mother.

4x01 Fallout
There is no obvious indication of what has happened to James, Arla, or Agent Howard.

5x06 The Old Switcharoo, Part 2
Dave reveals that he left something out of his story (from 5x02) about being pulled into the portal. When he came back to our world, it was on the beach with the body of the Colorado Kid.


A directory with all of Haven's story arcs can be found in the Mythology section of the Haven Public Library.

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